Eclipse – How to change the console output encoding

Showing UTF-8 text in Eclipse console

Decoding the Web

Eclipse is an excellent IDE, however some of its preferences may not be that straight-forward.

On one of my recent Java projects I had to work with a character encoding other than the default ANSI encoding.
Thus, I managed to set up the database connection properly to use the required UTF-8 encoding, as well as handle the returned data correctly as UTF-8 in the Java code.
When I tried to output some of the data, for logging purposes, in the console, the output couldn’t not be read correctly. The first thought was to double-check the source code, connection properties etc, and despite the fact that everything looked just fine, the console output still was unreadable.

After spending some time trying to find a relevant option in Eclipse, I stumbled upon the “Common” tab in the Configurations panel. And indeed this is where I found the answer to the encoding problem!

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