Part 5: Integrating Spring Security with Spring Boot Web

I think things.

Spring Boot provides utilities for quick and easy setup of Spring Security via auto-configuration and Java-based configuration. The getting started guide is quick and easy leads through configuring an in-memory AuthenticationManager in just minutes. Going beyond these examples, this installation will quickly review the getting started guide provided at, and conclude with the configuration of a datasource-backed AuthenticationManager that uses Spring Data JPA, and the MySQL database platform.

As usual, for this installment, I’ve created a copy of the code from Part 4 and created a new project called Part 5. It’s committed to Github, ready for cloning.

Updating Dependencies
To install Spring Security, we first need to update our gradle script to include a dependency on spring-boot-starter-security. Update build.gradle to include the following dependency as seen below.


Following that, executing a build should pull in our new dependencies.

Creating The Security Configuration
Continuing to lift…

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